Prototype To Deliver Real Value


Work Type
Client - H-E-B (Prospective)
My Role
User Experience Designer
Time Frame
June 2019 - July
  • Analyzed existing product for possible improvements
  • Made recommendations to improve product
  • Conducted Generative research
  • Iterated ideas based on research learnings
  • Designed and built functional prototype
  • Presented to Stakeholders
  • Iterated based on feedback
  • Evaluated Effectiveness of product


I was asked to be part of an early access group to give feedback on an internal app for H-E-B employees. Through my analysis I found that although the app was functional, it missed on delivering real value for its users. I recommended conducting research to learn what our user's Gains, Pains, and Jobs and then designing the app around those findings.

I followed my own recommendations and started a self-motived project in order to improve the app. I'm an employee of H-E-B so I used myself as a research subject. Based on my findings I designed a fully functional prototype using a service called Glide.

Since the prototype has been in use the team has a better understanding of the flow of inventory, inventory orders are better optimized to reduce the number of out of stocks, and users spend less time with administrative tasks and more time with customers.

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